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"Goodnight, Aries!", called Cat. She got in bed and fell asleep.
Cat seemed to be in an unfamiliar place. She saw Corleone to her relief, and ran to her. "Corleone~! Corleone~!", she yelled while she ran. Corleone turned around. She looked a bit more manly; her hair was the same, but she had a bit more of a intimidating look. She wore a World War II soldier outfit, and of course her wings draped behind her. "Yes, Italy?", she said. Her voice seemed a bit thicker... almost German sounding. "What's up with your voice? Where are we?!" Cat realized she was speaking in an Italian accent. "And who is this 'Italy'?! Are you referring to the Italy in Hetalia?" Corleone just stared at her. Cat, seeing no hope in argument, walked away. "Obviously, I've been watching too much anime, and I'm hallucinating. Jason'll help me.", she said to herself.
 When Cat arrived at Jason's, the door was open. She walked in, scurried downstairs, and didn't exactly look at Jason. "Jason, do you have room for an appointment today?", she asked. Jason was sitting, facing his desk with his back turned away from her. When he turned, the office chair he was sitting on made a attention-grabbing noise. Cat caught a sight of Jason. He had a large nail, or a knob, in his head. Stitches covered his body and the chair. "Of course, Cat! What can I do for you?", he asked. His voice was a bit creepy and gave her chills. It wasn't his usual, happy voice. He didn't ever look this torn up as well. Her eyes fell upon a name tag listed 'Dr. Jason Stein.' "Ve??!", was all Cat could breathe out in fear. She ran off. As she ran, she heard Jason yell to her. "Do you still want me to sign you up for that appointment?!"
Cat looked for Swift. "Swiiiiiiiiiiiiift!!", she called. She ran into someone. It was Swift, but she held a hamburger in one hand. A curl sat upon her head, and her mouth was obviously full. She wore a jacket with a star badge on the front. She had glasses, but the rest was a bit normal. "'Sup? What's the matter, bro?", she said. Her voice was deeper, as if she was a man. "Not you too...", Cat sighed. "And did you just call me 'bro'?"
"Is something wrong? I can fix it, because I'm the hero!"
"The 'hero'? I highly doubt that."
My head turned. The voice was British, but it was surely Alex who stood there. He held a cup of tea. He wore a green suit with a matching green tie. He sipped his tea. "You're just a tea-drinking sissy who loves to read! How could you help Cat?"
"Magic, of course."
"You mean the magic of love~?, chimed Cody's voice. His usual, pedophile voice dashed with a French accent.  "Onhonhonhon~." Alex looked irritated. "Cody, you wanker! Shut up, you don't know anything!"
"I know more than you! You can't even cook!"
Cat felt a bit scared to see them fight. Cat turned to Swift. "What should we do?",Cat  asked. She laughed an annoying laugh. "Nothing! Watching those two argue is HILARIOUS! Hahahaha!"
"You idiot!"
"I'll kill you!"
Cody and Alex had gotten into a fist fight. Suddenly, SMASH! The teacup hit the floor. "My tea!", Alex cried.
"Dude, this is great!", said Swift. She was eating popcorn, which had suddenly popped out of no where. "Where did you get that?" Cat just stared at her. Corleone walked up beside us. "Those guys are so immature..." 
"Finally, someone with some sense!", Cat cried, hugging her. She heard a gentle voice in the corner. "I've been sitting here the entire time!" Cat knew the voice belonged to Spirit.
" I'm so confused and I don't know what to doooo!", she cried. Corleone sighed, grabbing her shoulders. "Cat, are you really that much of a dummkopf? This is a dream. All you need to do is wake up."
"Wake up! Cat, wake up!"
Cat sprang up, covered in cold sweat. Just a dream....
Corleone sat on the bed, worried. "You were talking in your sleep, and you sounded like you were having a bad dream.", she told Cat. Cat looked at her. "I was, but... um, you wouldn't get it."
"Oh, okay... then what would you like for breakfast?", she asked. "Hm......" Cat stood for a moment, than smiled. "PASTAAAAA~!"
:D Oh fandoms....
Me and @Pzoomdg were bored and she made a comic. I turned it into a story, and we may animate it with voice actors! :D So, Cat watches too much anime.

Animes: Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Soul Eater belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo

Cat- Italy
Cat belongs to me.
Italy belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Corleone- Germany
Corleone belongs to me.
Germany belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Jason- Dr. Stein
Jason belongs to me.
Dr. Stein belongs to Atsushi Ōkubo
Swift- America
Swift belongs to me
America belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Alex- England
Alex belongs to me
England belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Cody- France
Cody belongs to me
France belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Spirit- Canada
Spirit belongs to me
Canada belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Pretty much everyone belongs to Hetalia except for Jason, basically.
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:icongermanyfacepalmplz: Oh, Cat... XD
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